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If you ever would like to check this place out, it's behind the Morris Area Elementary School (where the school buses park). Feel free to contact me if you would like me (Sal) to take you!


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First Decent Amount of Snow All Winter (Saturday, January 28th 2012)
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Some UMM International Students of mine from orientation week (last FAll) Sledding for the 1st Time!


Cougar-Tiger Hill Jan 13th 2010

"This is short-clip of my friend Chris sledding over a bump to get some "air time"! The the next one is me attempting a "jump" my first "try" for this particular day that was videotaped by my friend Chris using my digital camera. I would later do a land "better" after 5-7 attempts, which is in the previous video here. This was during a much warmer (January 13th of 2010) afternoon-compared to last week's blizzard (40 below wind chills)!


Cougar-Tiger Hill Dec 09'-Jan 10'

Cougar-Tiger Hill Dec 09'-Jan 10' from GoodnewsMorrisInfo on Vimeo.

"This footage took place in two different days and years! The first part was taken on Sunday, December 20th of 2009 and the second-part took place during the beginning of a winter-storm or blizzard (Wednesday, January 6th of 2010) at Cougar-Tiger Hill (behind the Morris Elementary School & Water Tower)..."


I decided to go snowboarding on "Cougar"/Tiger Hill, which is located right behind the "new" Morris Elementary School (see map-151 S Columbia Ave) this past Sunday (January 6th of 2008)...

View looking up the hill after one of my many "wipe outs", which is due to the melting snow condition-not from my balancing abilities-lol!

View looking down the hill (medium level)

There were many sledders comming and going out of this place during this beatiful sunny Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, the snow on top of the hills were already melting, which the sledding conditions weren't as fabulous!

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